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At Cream Hair and Beauty we use only the best and exclusive RVB Beauty Products, which are made from natural ingredients and do not contain:

Genetically modified materials
Animal protein
Petroleum products

The result is a range of products that have been dermatologically and microbiologically tested.

Our HOLISTIC BEAUTY range of RVB face care treatment, which comes from the eternal concept that is the Tree of Life, symbol of Mother Nature and her endless flow of energy. The tree is an allegory for the body, locking in energy to nourish, oxygenate and regenerate its outer layers.

The tree of life demonstrates how Holistic Beauty carries vital lymph to the skin, giving the skin a natural, harmonious look.

Silhouette Micro-dermabrasion
The epidermis should be fresh, firm & able to breathe. New skin cannot surface through old, blocked & damaged skin. Silhouette Micro-Dermabrasion delivers immediately the desired result!

Can Micro-dermabrasion treat skin conditions?
As a compliment to the Silhouette Micro-dermabrasion treatment you can ask our therapist to perform a Silhouette Micro-dermabrasion Anti-Ageing Facial.

This luxury treatment incorporates the Silhouette Dermafusion anti-ageing regime, which can be tailored to suit your specific skin requirements by our therapist.
These treatments include modeling and anti-oxidant masks, as well as the application of Bio-Active Ampoules and creams to 'Super-Boost' your treatment.

The combination of specific Dermafusion products will deliver fantastic results for several skin conditions, such as Acne scarring, Stretch Marks, Lines and wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.